ChatGPT Can Now Pass A Master’s Exam

By Ana Perez, 10th Grade

Many different types of AI have been created in this decade. One of them is ChatGPT, a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. This tool can answer questions, write essays, write poems, write emails, and generate lines of code – all with a single prompt. And now, ChatGPT can also pass a Master’s of Business Administration exam at an Ivy League School and the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam. 

In a paper titled ‘Would ChatGPT Get a Wharton MBA?’ a professor from the University of Pennsylvania decided to give the AI a final exam for an operations management course at the Wharton School of Business (a business school belonging to the University of Pennsylvania). The AI did relatively well, receiving a respectable B grade. However, while ChatGPT does an excellent job at basic operation management questions, process analyzing questions, and writing explanations, it does run into trouble when performing math. It seems the AI runs into trouble with even 6th grade problems. In a separate study, ChatGPT was given three exams by doctors from the startup Ansible Health, where it performed at or near the passing threshold. And, the AI did this without any specialized training or reinforcement. However, when tasked to take the Multistate Bar Exam, ChatGPT earned a grade of 50.3%. While ChatGPT can become a business administrator or a physician now, it seems it just can’t become a lawyer yet. Because according to research, ChatGPT might be able to pass the Multistate Bar Exam in the near future. 

Many are wondering, will AI take over my job? AI doesn’t need to eat, shower, or sleep. AI doesn’t need any of the mandatory employer benefits, which would reduce costs for businesses. However, AI operates based on references from people. Without these references, AI isn’t really able to do anything in the first place. And if AI takes over all of our jobs, it won’t be able to get those references. As it stands, AI can only produce content based on what we already have. For example, AI art can create ‘new’ art. However, this art is based on pictures from all over the web. Without these pictures, AI would not be able to produce anything at all. So, the way AI is now… no, it cannot take our jobs.

There is also a conversation surrounding the use of AI tools in the classroom. If AI can pass medical licensing exams, it’s not a huge leap in logic to assume that some students will attempt to use AI in class. And if you are one of those students: don’t. Firstly, teachers are aware of so-called ‘homework AI’ and can notice when you are using it. For example, AI tends to use a bland and consistent voice – it doesn’t employ personal anecdotes or humor; robots don’t really have a personal life to share. Secondly, there is already an AI to help teachers notice if someone is using ‘homework AI.’ So, if you do use ChatGPT to answer a document-based question for an AP exam, remember that teachers can use your tricks against you.



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