New Horizons Class of 2023 Launch

By Mariel Rojas, 12th Grade

On the morning of September 16th, the New Horizons Class of 2023 performed a dance to launch and introduce themselves as the new seniors of the school. After working for months on this presentation with the choreographer Cheche Quijada, they had an outstanding performance with a Tokyo Drift theme. They named themselves ‘Viventi ‘23’ that same morning to the student body as well as to the school faculty and parents.

The process of organizing the event was tedious to many. Discussions among the seniors arose when it came to the decision-making aspect. But they were quickly dissolved in time. It was a fun experience to many, despite the sleepless nights and the many hours spent repeating the dance every time a mistake was made.

Behind the scenes, the students suffered an inconvenience minutes before the show started. One of the front-row dancers was sick and couldn’t make it. The seniors diligently fixed the issue independently since their choreographer had yet to arrive. Many were practicing the dance, claiming they had forgotten the steps, and the atmosphere behind the curtains was filled with nervous students. But once they had stepped outside, all of it was forgotten, and with the adrenaline running high, the movements came as second nature; they delivered a mistake-free performance. Many describe the experience as exhilarating.

At the end of their performance Rodolfo Collins–the class president–shared a few words, in which he shared his deep gratitude to all the people who helped throughout the planning and organiztion process of the event. He also shared the meaning behind the name the class picked, “El nombre Viventi significa muchas cosas, una de ellas es una promoción viva, una promoción activa, una promoción alegre, dinámica; pero lo más importante de nuestro nombre es que aunque tenga un significado establecido para cada uno de nosotros, simboliza algo que perdurará para siempre.”

Many teachers who have chosen to remain anonymous confirm this was the best launch they have witnessed. We at the Bulldogs’ Journal sincerely hope that this is a foreshadowing of a great senior year for Viventi!


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