The dead have arrived

By Emma Bello, 10th Grade

Have you ever been interested in getting to know the secrets that lie beneath the surface of our skin? What goes on under there anyway? Everyone knows the basic structure from biology class—cells, skeleton, tissue, muscles, etc.—but there’s only so much textbooks and online research can show you. It would be incredible if you were able to learn all of that, but with a visual representation right there to guide you. Yes, I’m talking about real dead bodies here, minus the smell of course. Well what if I told you there was a place where you could do just that right here in Santo Domingo?

If all of that caught your attention, then I have just the place you’re looking for. ‘Bodies, Cuerpos Humanos Reales’ in Sambil is the place to go. 

One of the most famous human body exhibits to ever be held, with over 30 million visitors, has finally arrived here in the Dominican Republic. ‘Bodies… the exhibition’ has been running since 2005 where it first showcased in Tampa, Florida and has traveled all around the world educating and entertaining guests. The exhibit provides visitors with an insight as to what really goes on under our largest organ — the skin.

The exhibition shows real human body parts ranging from bones, to organs, to bundles of nerves, and even to fully structured bodies arranged in different and unique positions. And don’t worry! If you’re anything like me and know next to nothing about anatomy, there is a plethora of information handy by the expositions explaining everything you need to know, in both Spanish and English. There will also be guides to tour you around the place and explain everything in detail for those who aren’t big fans of reading.

Photo credits to: Juneilis Hernandez
Photo credits to: Juneilis Hernandez

This exhibit is a limited time event being held in Sambil from August 26th to October 31st. Yikes, imagine seeing dead bodies on Halloween, kind of creepy don’t you think? Watch out in case a heart starts beating again! Just messing with you, don’t worry.

I hope you all can visit this incredible display of science and make your dream of seeing a body’s insides, without all those ickly fluids in the way, come true!

Below you will find the visiting hours schedule as well as the prices:

  • Week days 12:00 P.M. – 08:00 P.M.
    • Adults: RD$400
    • Children and school trips: RD$250
  • <The exhibit is closed on Tuesdays>
  • Weekends and holidays 11:00 A.M. – 09:00 P.M.
    • Adults: RD$450
    • Children and school trips: RD$300

As for the tickets, these will be available to buy right in front of the exhibition, or you may pre-order them in @uepatickets (
For further information feel free to visit (@bodiesexpo)


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