A Recap of President Abinader’s February 27th Speech

By Roque Rodriguez, 10th Grade

President Abinader’s speech in the Asamblea Nacional has been considered the best speech made by him since he became president. 

On the 27 of February Abinader gave a speech regarding the very bleak situation happening internationally due to the war in Ukraine.  The speech was surprisingly well structured, and its development was interesting. The president felt compelled to inject as much hope as possible into his speech, as Europe’s breadbasket is forced to drive up the cost of basic materials due to the Russian invasion. He also mentions how according to the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic’s GDP increased by 12.3% in 2021, making it the fastest-growing economy in Latin America and one of the top ten in the world. President Abinader reported that the Central Bank’s International Foreign Exchange Reserves surpassed 13 billion dollars in 2021, setting a new high. This, combined with the more than 3 billion dollars in foreign direct investment (FDI), puts the country in an enviable position in terms of foreign exchange generation. His speech didn’t discuss many topics but it was good overall.

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